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Gravizor was established by the forming of a formal partnership of existing business advisors in 2015.

It has a staff of highly experienced business advisors across all industries represented in Australia.

Grow Your Business

Make your existing business prosper and grow.
We’re the organisation that can help you do this. 

If your business is based in Australia or New Zealand we can guide you to success over your competitors.  Through counseling, we provide a range of management, advisory and technical assistance services. A sampling of these services includes:

  • business plan redesign
  • management reorganisation
  • expansion into internet e-commerce
  • financial expansion advice
  • entering international markets
  • organizational structures
  • HR management
  • marketing


Do you want to start a business?

Gravizor is the organisation you can turn to for advice and confidential counseling.

Through direct counseling, we provide a range of management and technical assistance services.

Here are some examples of the types of assistance provided:

  • business plan development
  • accounting assistance
  • marketing plan
  • financial structuring advice
  • cost-analysis forecasting
  • legal business structures
  • loan packaging advice
  • credit repair
  • e-commerce advice
  • entering international markets
  • employee management
  • office fit out advice

I want to start a small business – where do I begin?

This can certainly be a daunting question. It is advised that you make an appointment to receive counseling, free of charge, from your local SBDC. Among other talents, our advisors are adept at helping you write a business plan, the “roadmap” for your venture. Assistance from an SBDC is available to anyone interested in beginning a small business for the first time, who cannot afford the services of a private consultant.

I’ve made an appointment with a Gravizor advisor. Now what?

  • Write down all your questions. Bring a list of your questions and concerns to your appointment.
  • Review your finances and make notes of your current position. Know what resources you have to invest in the business, and how much income you need to meet your business and personal outgoings.
  • Don’t make rash decisions. Meet with the advisor before making financial or life changing commitments. Starting a business can raise some complex issues and take longer than you expect.
  • Set goals for your meeting and answers you require.
  • Have a vision of your what your business looks like. Your advisor can help you get there, but you have to know where you want to go.



If you want to raise finance for a new business, the growth of an existing operation or expansion of an existing business, or to buy an existing business—The bank requires you to have a business plan. Sources of capital, finance companies, investors and lenders, will not even consider providing money to you business unless you have a plan. It must be a plan that shows you have really thought about what you are proposing. 

If you want to manage and organise your own business effectively, you need a business plan to manage the action items. A good plan helps you to focus on your unique selling proposition, markets for your product or service, anticipate future needs, methods for monitoring progress and a proactive method of management. It is a totally invaluable management tool. 

If you want to know where you are at right now, where you are going, and how you’re going to get there, you need a well thought out business plan. It will be like a road map for your business.

If you have never prepared a business plan before, refer to this link to help you get started. Also, an objective source like a trusted business aquantance can help you analyse the strengths and weaknesses of your business proposal.  They can help with the completing of your plan so that you will have a useful tool for not only running your new business but also raising capital for it.



Some thoughts on the Marketing Strategy

This strategy  describes how you will reach your customers to attain your sales goals. Be sure to think specifically on why customers will buy from you and not the competition. You need to have a Unique Selling Proposition (UPS) detailing a significant advantage(s) you have over your competition. Identify and detail how you will get sales, how you will reach specific target markets, how you will price the product or service.

It is also important to also identify how the product or service will be procured, stored and distributed. For example, will you sell through retailers, by direct mail, e-commerce platforms, sales teams, regional distributors, direct sales people, etc.? How will you promote the product or service? Will you outsource this or engage a highly qualifies executive assistant with marketing experience?

Will you develop a brochure,website or promotional data sheets?  Where and when will you advertise and what is the estimated cost and target audience.  Will you build a market niche using your own USP? How will regulations and other Government policies impact with your proposed marketing?

Will you use marked up Pest Control Sydney vans or marked up trucks as both Rubbish Removal Rubbish Removal Sydney do as a way to promote your business as they move around town. Imploying specially dressed security guards to add entrance intrigue for your product launch is an idea that has been used to promote brands.

These are brainstorming ideas that will develop your brand and launch. All ideas need to be considered and crafted into a carefully thought out marketing plan.


Case Study - Conference Speaker – Press Releases To Grow Your Business

Business owners completely underestimate the power of the media and how press releases can help them grow their customer base. The following is a com entry of a clients story how press releases assisted their career in public speaking:

By any measure, press release marketing has to be a stand out success story, especially for propelling my speaking career.

It was quite by chance that I learned the power of the news media. I did a press release after my first Guinness World Record. It was only because Guinness World Records required corroborating media reports from two different recognized news agencies that I did a press release to ensure I achieved this.

The result was fantastic the first time I did it. The second media release after my second world record can only be described as an overwhelming success!

I was asked to appear in three current affairs-type television interviews and countless radio interviews, not to mention the numerous newspaper and magazine articles written on the back of it. Then out of the blue the Korean Broadcasting Corporation sent a film crew to do a documentary on me. If that wasn’t enough, I ended up with over 13 pages of media-related website references to me in Google.

All this on the back of doing just one media release each time I had broken the Guinness World Record.

I can’t emphasize the importance of doing these if you have something newsworthy to say. The spin off is amazing, and the speaking engagements poured in including one of the most prestigious speaking events in Australia.

So how do you go about doing a press release?

The process is really quite straightforward. It’s all about having a newsworthy hook to attract media agencies to run with your release.

The item could have a local twist or relevance to something that is topical and could add a new dimension to a recent article they had run.


The following are three examples of recent press releases copied from the news site Press Release Ping that shows all that is required: an eye-catching heading, compelling facts told in third person on no more than two pages (preferably one), references to you and your business. Conclude with the best contact details for them to discuss the release with you.

If the media agency wants to run with it, they will make contact with you and flesh out the content of your release.

What is important is to have a media kit on your website or accompanying your hard copy delivery. This should include your bio, high-resolution photos relevant to the content, your press releases and anything else that will assist the reporter complete their work.

There are two ways of getting your press release into the media’s hands.

The first is to professionally prepare the release with accompanying material and physically deliver it to the editors of the agencies you are targeting.

The second way is you doing it through press release syndicators who place the release with numerousness sites on your behalf.

I suggest you Google “press release agencies” and find a local one that suits you and your budget.

Who did I send it to, you ask?

I sent it to Press associations, the newsrooms of TV stations, radio stations and emailed it to editors of appropriate newspapers and magazines. For that matter, I sent it to anyone I thought might run with the story. I suggest you do the same as you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

It’s worth noting that all the media that ran with my story also posted it with their branding on the Internet. Then others picked up on their story and republished it. The power of this is amazing.

I only targeted New Zealand news agencies where I was living at the time but had 8 Australian radio stations interview me, and Channel 7 in Australia also linked up to interview me on their weekend current affairs program.

A speaking engagement was booked for a conference of 1600 delegates in Melbourne, Australia on the back of the event organizer hearing one of my radio interviews. A large Asian Pacific conference speaking engagement held in Vietnam was a direct result of the Korean KBT News documentary.

I can’t emphasize enough how powerful a marketing tool the press release is.

If you have something newsworthy happening in your business, then tell news agencies about it and reap the rewards. Ninety-five percent of businesses don’t use press releases, so don’t delay and stand out from the crowd!

Remember that all media has a constant need for a massive supply of original, unique content for their listeners, readers and viewers. So don’t be shy in contacting them if this is what you are offering. The result in doing this could be extraordinary for your business and at no cost.

Example Press Releases From News Syndicator

Wise Group Launch Home Security Website

Australia’s leading electronic security specialists Wise Group Security has just launched a new website to showcase their comprehensive range of residential security services.

Home Security Sydney

Wise Group Security has just launched a new website to showcase their comprehensive range of residential security services. They are one of Australia’s leading electronic security specialists delivering an innovative range of integrated home security and smoke alarm solutions.Wise Group Security offers comprehensive solutions for the home or apartment owner including security cameras, monitored alarms, intercom systems, home smoke alarms as well as home automation solutions that are tailored to suit individual client requirements. They have a broad customer and Australia wide geographic base – from individual homeowners through to corporate managers of residential apartment blocks.

As a division of Wise Group Solutions, Wise Group Security offers the security of engaging with a service provider that possesses a 30-year history. They have a proud heritage of servicing many leading Australian and international corporations, banking and financial institutions, technology companies, insurance and construction companies, law firms, receivables management organisations, utilities companies, as well as a range of public and government authorities.

Mr Kyle Gray, Wise Group Home Security Business Manager said “The new website was a reflection of the company’s commitment to the residential security market and its intent was to keep home owners abreast of the fast pace of changing technology now available for all aspects of security and safety in the home.” He went on to say, “our team of professional technicians and installers is at the heart of our continuing growth in this area. The new website compliments state of the art technology used in each installation to ensure individual client requirements are met every time.”

About Wise Group Home Security Systems

Wise Group Security offer a variety of home security services across Australia including security cameras, home alarms, smoke detectors as well as intercom systems and access control solutions for all residential applications.

You can learn more about Wise Group Home Security by visiting their website

Media Contact:
Name: Mr Kyle Gray

Organization: Wise Group Security
Address: Level 2, 233 Castlereagh Street, Sydney NSW Australia 2000
Phone: +61 02 9210 0000

Sydney’s Dux College Continue Achieving Top Results

Dux College, the Sydney based tutoring institution with teaching locations in Bondi Junction and Parramatta advises of its students continuing to achieve high exam results.

HSC Tutoring

Dux College’s weekend study programs prepare students for their assessments and exams throughout their HSC year. There is a strong focus on exam technique, giving students the best chance at achieving a high band 6 result and maximising their ATAR.

In recent years Dux College students have achieved the following exam results:

·         Over 80% attain an ATAR of 90 or better.
·         Over 70% of students attain a band 6 in their enrolled subjects.
·         Over 97% of graduates attain their top 2 university preferences
·         Median ATAR of our Mathematics Extension 2 class is 99 or over. In 2014 the median result was the highest ever at 99.85.

Mr Hong Li, Founder of Dux College said, “We are delighted that our tutor’s dedicated work with students is continuing to be reflected in top exam results ” He went on to say, “Our tutors are clearly among the top in NSW and take pride in coaching our students to structure exam answers to achieve the best results possible.”

Dux College believe their continuing success in students exam results is because of the small class sizes of around 5 to 8 students in each of their weekly 2 hour lessons.  Tutors are always accessible to parents for updates about their child’s progress. A comprehensive report for each enrolled subject is also given at the end of each term detailing the student’s progress.

The Dux College class tutor’s cover theory, example questions and relevant exam techniques. Classes are highly interactive and even the shyest of students are participate in class discussions. Small class size also allows individual attention to be given to each

About Dux College 

Dux College is a Sydney, New South Wales, Australia based results-driven HSC tutoring institution with teaching locations in Bondi Junction and Parramatta.
The College offers HSC Chemistry Tutoring, as well as Math, Science, Physics, English, Biology and HSC Economics tutoring programs for years 9, 10, 11 and 12.

Tutoring programs follow the syllabus closely and provide a comprehensive understanding of the theory, skills and techniques to succeed in HSC. Whether to raise assessment ranks at school, or see significant improvements in exam results, Dux College has highly qualified tutors to achieve these desired outcomes.

To learn more about Dux College by visiting the website

Mr Hong Li
Dux College
Ground Floor, 30 Cowper St, Parramatta, NSW Australia 2150
+61 2 8007 6824

Your Sydney Guide Offers Hunter Valley Tours

Scott Ricketts, founder and owner of Your Sydney Guide is both an adventure guide and IATG accredited Sydney Tour Guide. He launched my own boutique guided tour business to deliver a unique experience for visitors to Sydney and local residents yet to experience the local delights in the region.

Private Sydney Tour Guide

View of Hunter Valley vineyards, NSW, Australia

Your Sydney Guide offers tailor made tour itineraries of the Hunter Valley that are personalised to the interest of the group. Tours can be as adventurous or as relaxed as they like with a pace and itinerary to suit.

Scott has had a passion for adventure and travel and has seen him guiding several snow tours into the deep powder of Hokkaido, Japan as well as travels through the UK, The Pacific, many parts of Asia, Europe and North America.

With all his travels he still believes there is comparable delights offered in The Hunter Region, commonly called The Hunter Valley. It is one of the largest river valleys on the New South Wales coast and located only 120km north of the Sydney CBD. The close proximity to Sydney makes it one of the ideal day trips from Sydney that Sydney Visitors can do.  The distance and highway drive allows a relatively short drive time which gives a full day of enjoying the delights of the region.

Your Sydney Guide personally creates the day to suit the group and its individule interest. The small size of groups allow the tours in Sydney to take in the revealing sights of Sydney’s regions, all in a friendly and attentive style to ensure all have a great experience.

Guests, when booking their trip, can log their requests via email for inclusion in their experience to ‘The Hunter.’  Guests enjoy this process and can create a day of what is recommended  as well as their special winery or iconic location to be included, in what will be for many a once in a lifetime visit to the region.

You can learn more about Your Sydney Guide and the Hunter Valley Tours offered by visiting the website here:

Company Details:


Alpha Osteopathy Announces Relocation and Launch of New Website

Alpha Osteopathy has a new location in Brookvale, NSW, Australia and has launched a new website to keep clients informed about their services and to educate the public about Osteopathy.

Sydney, NSW, Australia, December 01, 2014 /PressReleasePing/ – Alpha Osteopathy now has a convenient new location in Brookvale Sydney, NSW, Australia and has launched a new website to inform clients about their services and to educate the public about Osteopathy. Alpha Osteopathy’s Principal Osteopath is Dr Melissa Jhey is an experienced Osteopath with a special interest in pregnancy related pain, women’s health, children and babies.

Alpa Osteopathy

Alpha Osteopathy has just launched a new website to inform clients about their new location, to provide a convenient online booking service and inform clients about Osteopathy. Alpha Osteopathy’s new location in Brookvale Sydney is easily accessible from all locations in the CBD, has a relaxed and professional atmosphere and offers before/after hours appointments.

Alpha Osteopathy provides a professional service with an experienced Osteopath right in the heart of the Northern Beaches. Dr Melissa Jhey – registered Osteopath has had great success in helping women overcome pregnancy related pain and pain related to women’s health issues. She has also helped unsettled babies, babies with colic and reflux and children with glue ear and headaches. Melissa has also had excellent clinical results with treating low back pain, neck pain and sporting injuries across all ages.

Alpha Osteopathy has three areas of special interest:
– Pregnancy related pain – biomechanical pain, back pain and pelvic pain associated with pregnancy, pre and post natal care, preparation for conception – Children and babies –unsettled babies, babies with reflux and colic, babies with mis-shapen heads from forceps delivery and wry neck. Glue ear, headaches, sporting injuries and growing pains in children –  Women’s health issues – menstrual pain, symptoms related to polycystic ovarian disease, digestive complaints, stress, emotional trauma, hormone imbalances and symptoms related to menopause

Dr Melissa Jhey – Registered Osteopath & Principal of Alpha Osteopathy said, “my experience and skills as an Osteopath make it possible for me to help women experiencing pregnancy related pain to become pain free without the use of drugs. Osteopathy can help women to prepare for a more comfortable birth and labour and can also assist women to regain health and wellbeing in the post-partum period.” She went on to say “Alpha Osteopathy’s new website provides information about the different ways in which Osteopathy can help children and babies and provides a convenient online booking service that can be accessed around the clock. Our new location is a professional space where clients can feel they are receiving optimal care during their treatment sessions.”

Alpha Osteopathy invites you to visit their new website at

About Alpha Osteopathy:
Balgowlah Osteopathy is a Sydney based osteopathic Clinic. The Principal of the practice, Dr Melissa Jhey has a special interest in treating pregnancy related pain, women’s health issues, children and babies. She has had great success in helping people overcome headaches and migraines, back pain and sporting injuries.

Dr Melissa Jhey – Registered Osteopath
Alpha Osteopathy Located at:
Health Conscious Clinic
Also Chiro Northern Beaches Clinic
+61 458 360 019

USG Hosts Forex & Investing Seminar in Sydney

USG Sydney recently held their Forex & Investing Seminar for seasoned traders, aspiring traders, Technical Forex Trading people who are new to the financial markets and just wanted to see what forex trading is all about. USG is planning further seminars for later this year.

The USG Forex & Investing Seminar was held this week on Tuesday the 16th of June in Sydney. It was a very successful event attended and enjoyed by people from all walks of life. These ranged from seasoned traders, aspiring traders, people who are new to the financial markets and just want to see what forex trading is all about.

The seminar is put on by USG as a free event and covers many interesting topics to help traders better understand the world of forex trading. Some of the areas that are covered include, how the forex market actually works, risk management and the psychology of trading.

Shay Zakhaim, the C.E.O. of USG said, “due to the success of this and past seminars, and the value the seminars deliver to traders, USG will be hosting more seminars in 2015.” He went on to say, “Quality information and education is the key to understanding forex trading and our free seminars is a great place for many traders to start”

The seminars take the form of a forum, where participants are encouraged to interact with the speaker and with each other by asking questions, sharing their trading experiences and strategies. The speakers are experienced forex brokers and demonstrates effective trading strategies to the participants during the course of the seminar and offers in-depth insights in forex trading.

USG also offer their clients a structured educational course, which is delivered in the form of two live and interactive online webinars per week.

About USG
USG is a regulated Australian broker and holds an Australian Financial Services License. With the company head-quartered in Sydney, clients of USG are able to access the markets to trade major and exotic FX Currency Pairs, CFDs, indices and commodities.


Justin Pooni – Communications Manager
G03, 135 Macquarie Street, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia
+61 2 9251 1395

Sydney’s Tri Colour Club Reports Upturn In Nightclub Patronage

Sydney’s Tri Clour Club cites recent special events like the Vivid Light Festival, State of Origin Rugby League Clash , Sydney Film Festival and launch of the latest iPhone as being responsible for an upturn in nightclub patronage.Petersham, NSW, Australia, 2 May 2016 /PressReleasePing/ –

Sydney business owners have an array of event organisers to thank for the increases in tourist and visitor numbers coming to the Harbour City in recent months.

Mr Peter Smith, media manager of the Sydney Tri Colour nightclub, said, “There is no doubt that the recent events in the city have contributed to a significant upturn in night club patronage in recent weeks.” He went on to say, “ Events like Vivid are huge for night clubs and the restaurant industry as it brings people out on evenings even in with the cooler winter temperatures.”

Vivid is a festival organised by the City of Sydney each year and run by Destination NSW (the state’s tourism authority) and is paid for by a combination of state and business sponsorship. It is a festival of light and colour and is an amazing combination of visual and sound.

The unique projected animations light up some of the most famous structures in the world, located on one of the most famous harbours in the world.

The Sydney Film Festival is an annual event held in Sydney over 12 days in June. The festival draws international and local attention, with films being showcased in several venues across the city centre and includes short films, documentaries, features, retrospectives, animations and films for families.

Mr Peter Smith said, “With significant annual events like this, the future for Sydney’s night life looks very bright. The Sydney Morning Herald also recently reported significant interest by offshore buyers in Sydney’s Hotels with the forecast increase in tourism numbers coming to Sydney driving this.”

Media Contact
Mr Peter Smith
Tri Couolur Club
46 Chrystal Street Waterloo NSW, Australia 2000
+61 (02) 9560 4226

To learn more about Pop Up Marquees visit the website here: Buy Branded Marquee

Radio And TV Advertising

These are both extremely powerful forms of advertising that I strongly recommend you use.  They establish you as an authority, a business to be taken seriously.

One of the best things about using a radio or TV station is that they provide the copywriters and ad production team to assist you. Their cost is built into the package deal that you are quoted. From personal experience, I take their advice on copy as they know what works and doesn’t. They look for your theme and ideas and then mold the run sheet to what their experience tells them is best.

You will hear it time and time again in advertising circles: “Repetition is key” and I agree. There is no point in having 5 expensive ads and nothing else. Consumers need to hear your message numerous times before they feel the desire to take action.

It’s not cheap to use these forms of advertising, but ask your chosen station what they can do for you. Given you are a new advertiser, it maybe that booking going forward may be low for them at that time, so they may cut you a very sharp deal to get you on board.

The cost-effective way to get bang for your dollar is to avoid primetime. I have been staggered by feedback from clients saying they kept hearing or seeing my ads late at night—in the middle of the night in some cases. Because they hear your ad at that time of night, they think you are a significant advertiser running the ads 24 hours a day and they had just missed your primetime ones!

Another tip is to try and create a clever message but in as short an ad as possible. This way, on the right deal, you can get two slots for the price of one and if you can create a jingle even about removalists, house and office pest control or accountants Kapiti Coast way, it will be memorable and rest deep in the subconscious and surface the next day. People have reported to the management of Sydney roof repair company in Sydney that they have thought days after about the advertising jingle they use and went online to order cakes on this recollection.

It is also worth saying that every media outlet works differently for different companies. You need to experiment to see which form of advertising works best for you. I talk later in the book about methods of monitoring, but it is important to learn what drew customers to try you and what, in particular, appealed to them.


Continuing Strong Migration Numbers Helps Growth of Sydney Removalist

Your mates Removals is one of Sydney’s Leading removalist companies and in a recent communique put the strong growth they are experiencing down to continued buoyancy in migration to Sydney. 

Mr Laszlo Dobiasz, co-owner of Your Mates Removals said, “The increasing migration numbers into Sydney over recent years has seen increased furniture and personal belongings moved into storage locations as well as new homes and apartments” He went on to say, “New businesses being started by new immigrants are also adding to local removalists workloads as office equipment and furniture is needed to be delivered to the new business venture locations.”


In the Australian Bureau of Statistics 2011 Census report they noted that there were 5.3 million migrants in Australia. That one in four (26%) of Australian residents are from overseas decent. These migrants entering Australia have tended to live in the two largest Australian cities, being Melbourne and Sydney. This trend has been in place seen since the 1940s. The Brisbane Logistics company Transmech recently reported that Brisbane is attracting an increasing share of migrants in recent years.


The 2011 Australian Census showed that of the circa 1.4 million residents in Sydney were born outside Australia. The census also showed that just under half of all migrants in Australia lived in Sydney or Melbourne.

Mr Dobiasz said, ” There has been a marked increase in requests that we have received from migrants in recent years for our removal and storage services. This has not only been from new arrivals in the country but also from the migrants investing in houses and apartments and reusing our services.”

The Sydney real estate market has been buoyed in recent years by Chinese buyers. This buoyant market has seen strong furniture sales reported by Nick Scali, leading furniture retailer listed on the ASX.

Mr Dobiasz said, “Consequently to the buoyant real estate market, buoyed by strong migration numbers to Sydney, we were moving buyers and seller’s goods into storage whilst they search for a new investment property or family home.”


About Your Mates Removals

Your Mates Removals is a leading Sydney removalists company with many years of servicing the moving and storage needs of home and business owners.

They have extensive knowledge of the Sydney district, have numerous storage depots and can organise interstate transport for all client requirements.  They offer extremely competitive pricing for all the removal work and storage requirements needed.

The company services all areas in Sydney but specialise particularly in the North Shore, Northern Beaches, Manly, Mosman, and the Eastern Suburbs.

To learn more about services, visit the website: and related removalist release

Media Contact

Laszlo Dobiasz

Your Mates Removals

1300 968768

3/42 Sydenham Rd Brookvale NSW Australia 2100


Roofer Confirms Increasing Trend In Roof Restoration Work

Sydney roof repair specialist, in a recent communiqué to roofing industry clients, confirms the increasing trend of Sydney property owners to conduct roof restoration in favour of reroofing.

Roof Repairs Quote, leading Sydney roofing repair company, has had over 25 years of repairing every type of roof of Sydney buildings. They have carried out the most complex of roofing issues causing both residential and commercial property owners issues.


Mrs Deanna Adams, new business manager of Roof Repairs Quote said, “ We have numerous requests weekly for roof repairs and re-roofing of existing properties. Over the past two months there has been a trend in enquiries wanting ‘restoration’ work rather than opting immediately for the re-roofing option.” She went on to say, “ There are two reasons for this that has surfaced. The first is the significant cost saving property owners make by delaying re-roofing their property. The second is the desire to retain the property in its original condition, especially where copper, slate and shingle type roof cladding materials have been used in the original construction.”

The company advised in their communiqué that visitors to the website and calling the company were particularly interested in options available to home and commercial property owners to restore their roof rather than the complete re-roofing options.

Another leading Sydney roof repair company, Active Roofing, specialist Roof Repairs Sydney wide, have also confirmed that they have also noticed an increase in enquiries for roof restoration work in preference to re-roofing of the property..

About Roof Repairs Quote

Roof Repairs Quote is a leading Sydney roof restoration company with over 25 years experience in assisting residential and commercial roof repair and restoration work. All Sydney locations are services and work includes the following: flashing and gutter repairs, roof repairs, re-roofing, re-tiling, membrane repairs, gutter clearing, leaf guard installation, roof tile restoration, roof protection strategies as well as programmed roof maintenance for residential and commercial property owners and strata managers.

Contact Info:
Name: Mr Robert Jones
Organization: Roof Repairs Quote
Address: 622 / 7 Potter Street Waterloo,, NSW 2017, Australia



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